Seeds and Worms

Seeds and Worms | Smile in color

Went back and added color to an early Seeds and Worms Early Bird.

Seeds and Worms | Cartoon | Illustration Oakhurst / Decatur Georgia.
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Living Life in Harmony Oakhurst, GA – Badge Design

Color palettes change everything. Take a look at this nice little badge to Living Life in Harmony. Each color palette sets a differetn mood, but at the same time you still get the same message.

I’m thinking this palette is – taking action for your health.

To have harmony in life means having the ability to handle life’s different areas (i.e. career, health, relationships) and make them work for your progress. … Progress simply means having the ability to work things for you to find life’s meaning and contentment

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Check out what they look like on some swag
this palette is – Happy Free Feminine
Hoodie for the fall?
This palette says – Chilling in the woods with a beer.
Lightweight hoodie

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