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Made in Decatur new sticker | tee shirt design

Made in Decatur sticker and tee shirt design is for all the makers living in Decatur, here is an updated version

This Made in Decatur sticker design is for all who have a passion for coming up with ideas and making them and who live in Decatur. First, I took out the OO from the old design. In its place for the main crest area, I added a cardinal for the idea of a messenger. Then the EST graphic was moved to the lower right of the center design. Finally, some graphics were created:

  • Mountains representing blue skies and big ideas
  • Quill pen for sketching ideas.
  • A compass pointing north for staying focused but flexible on your path.

Over the design with the black and orange colors, portrays a strong, creative, industrial feeling. Which are something people with a passion for making things will appreciate.

Tee shirts available at the Oakhurst Outfitters Teespring Store.

Sticker design for Made in Decatur, created by M.Vann P.
Made in Decatur Sticker and tee shirt design created by M.Vann P. at Oakhurst Outfitters.
Made in Decatur, GA coffee Mug – Shop for one on Teespring

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Resources for living the life we deserve

The following are some resources that can help you live the life you deserve. Keep checking back for updates:

US National Park Services – Check out the details of all our wonderful national parks.

The Trek Co is dedicated to shining a spotlight on current hikers’ journeys (link to the US Southeast) – How to meditate.

Wait But Why – Using stick figures to explain sometime complicated stuff

Jim Kwik – Help build your mind

Wait But Why – for general curiosity about things in life

Life Hack Org – helps millions of readers get to the root of their own life’s purpose by taking the complicated and breaking it down into a simple process

John Cleese – on Twitter – Trainee hermit, & keen Amateur Squirrel Trainer

Frank Luntz – I’ll show you what Americans really think with data, facts, and the occasional meme.

Smarter Every Day – Hello, I’m Destin. I have a YouTube channel called “Smarter Every Day”

Map Dragons – Two journalists @betsymason & @dosmonos who love maps and the stories behind them. Co-authors of the @NatGeo book All Over the Map: A Cartographic Odyssey.

Atlas Obscura – The definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders.

Patreon – Changing the way art is valued & getting creators paid.

Naval – On Twitter – Well you should all know him by now… πŸ™‚


RANDOM LINKS to websites and other stuff that have helped me in life.

Note: If you come across a broken link or a really old one please let me know. (.annd also send me any cool links that have helped you in life)

Note II:Β Repeat of part of note one. If you have a link to share PLEASE send it my way. I will add it right away.Β 

Note III: Thank you for visiting my site.

1000 True Fans -One day I might be so lucky to have… πŸ™‚


Mashable β€“ Wed and design

Wayfinding β€“ Collection of pretty cool wayfinding examples for inspiration. You will need to contact me here  to receive access

Book Cover Archive

Adobe Color CC 


The Noun Project

Fonts in Use

Grain Edit

Digital Arts Tutorials 

Flickr Creative Commons


Wonk Tools β€“ truly awesome site for inspiration using KEY WORDS β€“ You can also Key Word authors, titles, and  vocabulary. There is a  great Title Generator.

wonk-noun. a person who studies a subject or issue in an excessively assiduous and thorough manner – So are you a Wonker? πŸ™‚

 IF– Rudyard Kipling

21 Best selling books of all time

Write Every Day β€“ Columbia University

Novel First Sentences Nice collection of first sentences

Absolute Write

The Library of Congress:

More Intelligent Life β€“ Lots of cool topics discussed.

nanoblogging– 7 words or less – Stretch the creative muscle β€“

Character Chart for fiction writers. A quick way to get to know your character even if you know them really well. Helps you stay organized.

Digital Spy  – UK out on the beat

Digital Spy β€“ US out on the beat – Check out the difference

Ink Tip:

1X β€“ Ton of great photography

One Sentence β€“ True Stories

Mental Floss

Interactive Guide to Tolkien

 Six Sentences β€“ Fastest fiction in the west.

Stanford β€“ Creative Writing Program

Synonym Finder β€“ Good as gold

World’s Funniest Joke

Indiana β€“ Creative Writing Program

Wisconsin-Madison β€“ Creative Writing Program

Columbia U β€“ Creative Writing Program

George Saunders Land β€“ Genius Funny writer

Ambiguous Words β€“ This is a really cool list – Leave, crash, order, hit, position, hang……

NPR – voted  2011 Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books β€“ Do you agree?

Writing With Elvish Fonts

American Library Association:

New Yorker Cartoons β€“ Updated

Story β€“ Robert McKee

English Scholar

Drew’s Script-O-Rama:

Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases

Cliche Finder