The Great State Project: 50 States and 9 Commonwealth and Territories

I love all our states. Each one of them has its own super cool character. With this project, I’m attempting to capture that uniqueness with some amusing, entertaining, graphic art, and illustrations. And, I’ll only be using the iPad, iPad Pencil, and Adobe Illustrator. Yea, yea, I know that doesn’t mean much outside of the design world, but please do keep checking back to see the states as I build and post them.


Georgia - Appalachian Trail Head Georgia
The great state of Georgia.

STATE PROJECT LIST: Subtracting from it as a piece is designed and added.

(This way you can keep tabs on things.)

Alabama – AL
Alaska – AK
Arizona – AZ
Arkansas – AR
California – CA
Colorado – CO
Connecticut – CT
Delaware – DE
Florida – FL
Hawaii – HI
Idaho – ID
Illinois – IL
Indiana – IN
Iowa – IA
Kansas – KS
Kentucky – KY
Louisiana – LA
Maine – ME
Maryland – MD
Massachusetts – MA
Michigan – MI
Minnesota – MN
Mississippi – MS
Missouri – MO
Montana – MT
Nebraska – NE
Nevada – NV
New Hampshire – NH
New Jersey – NJ
New Mexico – NM
New York – NY
North Carolina – NC
North Dakota – ND
Ohio – OH
Oklahoma – OK
Oregon – OR
Pennsylvania – PA
Rhode Island – RI
South Carolina – SC
South Dakota – SD
Tennessee – TN
Texas – TX
Utah – UT
Vermont – VT
Virginia – VA
Washington – WA
West Virginia – WV
Wisconsin – WI
Wyoming – WY
American Samoa – AS
District of Columbia – DC
Federated States of Micronesia – FM
Guam – GU
Marshall Islands – MH
Northern Mariana Islands – MP
Palau – PW
Puerto Rico – PR
Virgin Islands – VI