My name is Morgan Phillips – M.Vann.P – I’m a long-time illustrator and graphic artist. Oakhurst Outfitters brings together my trade with some of my passions, a general understanding of worldly things, and the lifelong quest for knowledge which brings me happiness by teaching it to others. I have an interest in life experiences, motivation, innovators, start-ups, and entrepreneurs- especially when it involves space and space exploration. (I hope in my lifetime we can successfully send people to Mars – Stephen Hawkin – two-planet species I believe we should all dedicate ourselves with a little time to things helping humanity, take pause, be grateful, think, laugh, enjoy, and make those ideas happen.

Please enjoy and keep checking back for exciting updates. Thank you for visiting…Cheers

“Chirpy Spot Editorial Illustrations focused on nutrition, travel, innovators, start-ups entrepreneurs, motivation, and life experiences | The Comic DUAL PLANET & SEEDS and WORMS | Satirical whatnots and Adventure Tales including the fictional advice column “Dear Stosh,” by Morgan Vann Phillips”