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Editorial Illustration concept for an article about – “Naming bands after birds is in decline”

This piece is for a fictional magazine cover and editorial spread. The article would be about bands with bird names. I watched a documentary which talked about all the great bands named after birds… especially great jazz bands. (sorry grammar folks, I cannot figure out the em dash on this keyboard, hopefully, Dot, Dot, Dots will work)

The sole purpose of the illustration is to attract attention to the magazine/article. It’s an abstract design with bold colors. If you saw this magazine on a news rack, I believe you would pick it and read it.

Please note: If this were real I would adjust the article title on the cover and a few other things in the page spread. I just have not had to do so…
Morgan Vann Phillips
Graphic design / Illustration
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Say No to Couch-Lock | Go Skiing!

Design Home Illustration Logo Design

Made in Decatur new sticker | tee shirt design

Made in Decatur sticker and tee shirt design is for all the makers living in Decatur, here is an updated version

This Made in Decatur sticker design is for all who have a passion for coming up with ideas and making them and who live in Decatur. First, I took out the OO from the old design. In its place for the main crest area, I added a cardinal for the idea of a messenger. Then the EST graphic was moved to the lower right of the center design. Finally, some graphics were created:

  • Mountains representing blue skies and big ideas
  • Quill pen for sketching ideas.
  • A compass pointing north for staying focused but flexible on your path.

Over the design with the black and orange colors, portrays a strong, creative, industrial feeling. Which are something people with a passion for making things will appreciate.

Tee shirts available at the Oakhurst Outfitters Teespring Store.

Sticker design for Made in Decatur, created by M.Vann P.
Made in Decatur Sticker and tee shirt design created by M.Vann P. at Oakhurst Outfitters.
Made in Decatur, GA coffee Mug – Shop for one on Teespring

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Killick Hitch | The log Puller | Patch Design

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Fly Fishing Patches

Oakhurst Outfitters Fly Fishing  | Patch Designs

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Georgia Appalachian Trail Patch | t-Shirt

Georga Appalachian Trail Patch | t-Shirt DESIGN
Patches for:
Blue Ridge
Springer MountianLookout MountainDahlonega, Georgia
Athens, Georgia
Macon, Georgia

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Strike Unit Slingshot Sniper Design

Slingshot Sniper – Patch Idea | Some of my best memories as a kid were with a slingshot in hand. This idea is one of what I think a patch would look like if there was a military division that uses them. How cool is that? Please enjoy! 

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Bushcraft Patch Design

Decided to see what some bushcraft designs might look like. Here is the first one I came up with. The lettering looks like it’s an axe cutting some logs that are on fire.

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Bushcraft Christmas Tree Illutration

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