Seeds and Worms

Introducing Dual Planet #1

Why did I move to Mars? To “Work not from Earth Home”

SINGLE PANEL: On the planet Mars –We join of favorite super genius budding entrepreneur astronaut, and full-time “WORKING FROM NOT EARTH HOME” on mission to explore business ideas and live Mars – STOSH (A Blue Footed bird in a space suit with an egg shaped helmet, just waiting for everyone else from Earth to show up.) as he explains why he moved to the planet Mars.
Stosh: “Why did I move to Mars?”
Stosh: “Lets see…It must be for all the Michelin Star restaurant’s with a view”
Stosh: “…or maybe it the great weather!?”

Stosh: “Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s so I can be free of distraction and actually focus!”

Dual Planet Cartoon

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