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Swag up with ‘Living Life in Harmony’

I updated the original Life in Harmony in Oakhurst tee-shirt graphic with a new quote. As a result, I came up with this clever quote for some new swag.

Illustration is showing the "Living Life in Harmony, Oakhurst Georgia graphic PUN.

OakOakhurst Outfitters Red, White, and Green LogoThe graphic is a PUN for the people who live in the area. Everyone goes to the main village area to eat because it a great place to hang out. There is a small park called Harmony Park. I thought it would be fun to give a new meaning for Living in Harmony – everyone is in the village if they are not at home.

Check out the history of Oakhurst Georgia.

Check out the closeup of the ‘Made in Decatur’ stamp.

Image of the 'Living Life in Harmony, Oakhurst Georgia - color alternative.
Alternative colors…
Google map screenshot of the Oakhurst Village.
This link takes you there on Google Maps
Lady wearing a blue tee-shirt with the 'Living Life in Harmony' graphic displayed. It also show alternative colors of the tee-shirts.
Get some swag!
Throw pillow with 'Living Life in Harmony graphic' used to give an example for what the graphic will look like.
Need a floor pillow?
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Great Smoky Mountain Graphic Illustration – Fan Art

The Smoky Mountains have more than 11 million visitors every year. I decided for my first official post after setting up the website should be a quick graphic illustration for them.

One color graphic illustration for the Great Smoky Mountains
Full color graphic illustration for the Great Smoky Mountains with a white background
Full color graphic illustration for the Great Smoky Mountains – Salmon background
Final design for the Great Smoky Mountain design
If you like the design you can get a set of coasters like these – HERE
Or you can get a lightweight hoody – HERE
If you like the one color design here is the final.
You can pick up the simple design on a tee-shirt HERE