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Dual Planet #3 | Holes on Mars

What are all these holes?

SINGLE PANEL: On the planet Mars –We join of favorite super genius budding entrepreneur astronaut, and full-time “WORKING FROM NOT EARTH HOME” on mission to explore business ideas and live Mars – STOSH (A Blue Footed bird in a space suit with an egg shaped helmet, just waiting for everyone else from Earth to show up.)  He is perplexed by all the recently dug up holes all around his area on Mars.

STOSH: “What are all these holes I keep finding…maybe I should shoot an email over to NASA…Perseverance is acting up again…”

Dual Planet #3 Holes by Morgan Van Phillips – M.VANN.P

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Design Home Illustration Logo Design

Made in Decatur new sticker | tee shirt design

Made in Decatur sticker and tee shirt design is for all the makers living in Decatur, here is an updated version

This Made in Decatur sticker design is for all who have a passion for coming up with ideas and making them and who live in Decatur. First, I took out the OO from the old design. In its place for the main crest area, I added a cardinal for the idea of a messenger. Then the EST graphic was moved to the lower right of the center design. Finally, some graphics were created:

  • Mountains representing blue skies and big ideas
  • Quill pen for sketching ideas.
  • A compass pointing north for staying focused but flexible on your path.

Over the design with the black and orange colors, portrays a strong, creative, industrial feeling. Which are something people with a passion for making things will appreciate.

Tee shirts available at the Oakhurst Outfitters Teespring Store.

Sticker design for Made in Decatur, created by M.Vann P.
Made in Decatur Sticker and tee shirt design created by M.Vann P. at Oakhurst Outfitters.
Made in Decatur, GA coffee Mug – Shop for one on Teespring

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Seeds and Worms

Seeds and Worms – It’s trivia night somewhere

Seeds and Worms – “It’s Trivia somewhere – K.W.Y.J.I.B.O”
Hint it’s a part of the early 90’s pop culture.

It's trivia night somewhere
Seeds and Worms

Seeds and Worms – It’s time

Seeds and Worms – “It’s time… Do something about those Ideas & Dreams”


Just Happy Cornbread

A digital illustration

Oakhurst Georgia Design and Illustration of happy cornbread
Seeds and Worms

Seeds and Worms | Early Bird Routines…

What three things do you want to achieve personally and professionally?

What three things personally and professionally?
Seeds and Worms

Seeds and Worms | Enjoy the Show – Be Happy

November 5th 2020

Design Home

Harmony, Nature, and Geometry Illustration #1

Design Home

Swag up with ‘Living Life in Harmony’

I updated the original Life in Harmony in Oakhurst tee-shirt graphic with a new quote. As a result, I came up with this clever quote for some new swag.

Illustration is showing the "Living Life in Harmony, Oakhurst Georgia graphic PUN.

OakOakhurst Outfitters Red, White, and Green LogoThe graphic is a PUN for the people who live in the area. Everyone goes to the main village area to eat because it a great place to hang out. There is a small park called Harmony Park. I thought it would be fun to give a new meaning for Living in Harmony – everyone is in the village if they are not at home.

Check out the history of Oakhurst Georgia.

Check out the closeup of the ‘Made in Decatur’ stamp.

Image of the 'Living Life in Harmony, Oakhurst Georgia - color alternative.
Alternative colors…
Google map screenshot of the Oakhurst Village.
This link takes you there on Google Maps
Lady wearing a blue tee-shirt with the 'Living Life in Harmony' graphic displayed. It also show alternative colors of the tee-shirts.
Get some swag!
Throw pillow with 'Living Life in Harmony graphic' used to give an example for what the graphic will look like.
Need a floor pillow?