Seeds and Worms

Dual Planet Comic #2 | Arrived From Earth

Look what just arrived from Earth

SINGLE PANEL: On the planet Mars –We join of favorite super genius budding entrepreneur astronaut, and full-time “WORKING FROM NOT EARTH HOME” on mission to explore business ideas and live Mars – STOSH (A Blue Footed bird in a space suit with an egg shaped helmet, just waiting for everyone else from Earth to show up.) He is holding a wooden sign that say “Stosh’s Place on Mars.” He is also holding a picture frame of his friends back on Earth Baker and Bug from the Seeds and Worms comic.
Stosh: “Look what just arrived from Earth…”
Stosh: “It’s from my friends Baker and Bug. You might know them from Seeds & Worms and their Early Bird Routines.”

Dual Planet Comic # 2 “Look what arrived from Earth”

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