Seeds and Worms

Dual Planet #3 | Holes on Mars

What are all these holes?

SINGLE PANEL: On the planet Mars –We join of favorite super genius budding entrepreneur astronaut, and full-time “WORKING FROM NOT EARTH HOME” on mission to explore business ideas and live Mars – STOSH (A Blue Footed bird in a space suit with an egg shaped helmet, just waiting for everyone else from Earth to show up.)  He is perplexed by all the recently dug up holes all around his area on Mars.

STOSH: “What are all these holes I keep finding…maybe I should shoot an email over to NASA…Perseverance is acting up again…”

Dual Planet #3 Holes by Morgan Van Phillips – M.VANN.P

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Seeds and Worms

Seeds and Worms | Tropical Music

SINGLE PANEL: Sunrise on a tropical island in the Caribbean – Baker is playing his trumpit.

Seeds and Worms

Seeds and Worms | You feeling it?

SINGLE PANEL: Sunrise in somewhere – Baker is playing the trumpet

Seeds and Worms – Trumpet
Seeds and Worms

Seeds and Worms | 1/25/2021

Maybe you should be a stay-at-home internet travel writer.

Stay-at-home internet travel writer

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Seeds and Worms

Seeds and Worms – It’s trivia night somewhere

Seeds and Worms – “It’s Trivia somewhere – K.W.Y.J.I.B.O”
Hint it’s a part of the early 90’s pop culture.

It's trivia night somewhere
Seeds and Worms

Seeds and Worms – It’s time

Seeds and Worms – “It’s time… Do something about those Ideas & Dreams”

Seeds and Worms

Seeds and Worms | Know Thyself

Oakhurst | Decatur Georgia – Cartoon Illustration

Seeds and Worms

Seeds and Worms Creating Happiness


Seeds and Worms is a bird brain idea for a cartoon / comic strip by Morgan Phillips. The two main characters are Baker and Stosh who are inseparable buddies just trying to figure out life. Creating happiness is just one of the many topics Seeds and Worms will endure in this lovable cartoon.

~ Morgan Phillips
Three Panel Strip

The above image is the very first three-panel strip for Seeds and Worms creating happiness. It’s one of many themes Baker and Stosh talk about in the cartoon. The key to remember is you have to work at it. This will be a reoccurring theme with the strip as they figure things out in life. Click here to see more of Seeds and Worms

Warp Drive!… Seeds and Worms Cartoon – Baker on a hoverboard speeding down the sidewalk to go visit his best buddy Stosh. NOTE: You may ask, “Why does a bird need a hoverboard? They can fly” Well, that’s what makes a bird brain idea… 🙂
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